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S:01 Ergonomics - I

Chair: B Kattel

Grip and Pinch Strength in Northern Mexican Adults
- G Ibarra-Mejia, JE Fernandez, RJ Marley, SA Noriega-Morale, BF Ware, and V Torres-Argüelle
Injury Trends among Maid and Housekeeping Personnel in the Leisure and Hospitality Industry
- BF Ware, A Subramanian, ZJ Harrison, and JE Fernandez
A Digital Human Modeling of the Australian Lifting Technique for Obese Patients
- D DeGennaro, Y Han, MT Khasawneh, and K Srihari
Development of Force-Endurance Models for Simulated Dental Task
- V Gnaneswaren and RR Bishu
Assessment of Students' Computer Skills with Usability Testing as a Tool: A Case Study
- B Kattel and J Dent

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S:02 Statistics in IE - I

Chair: GR Mendieta

Using a Multivariate Accomodation Model to Study a Mixed Population
- J Arichabala, XM Cordova, G Garcia, and GR Mendieta
Variants for Estimating the Process Capability Index for a Folded Normal Distribution
- J Sanchez-Leal, P Gomez, H Hijar-Rivera, and RM Reyes
Optimization of Customer Satisfaction using Bayesian Networks
- M Kempf
Using a Multivariate Accommodation Model to Study Anthropometric Differences between Ethnic Groups in Ecuador
- GR Mendieta, J Arichabala, XM Cordova, and G Garcia

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S:03 IE Topics - I

Chair: N Schmeidler

The Evaluation of Software Quality
- N Lotfallah, D Gade, and RR Bishu
Applying Logistic Regression and Artificial Neural Networks with Effective Feature Selection for Breast Cancer Detection
- H Duan, Y Han, and SS Lu
Counteracting the Bullwhip Effect in a Demand Driven Supply Chain
- TK Bardhan and C Cupid
Staffing Standards: Views of the National Academy of Sciences
- N Schmeidler

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S:04 IE Topics - II

Chair: R Yearout

Effect of Centralization, Formalization, and Job Complexity on Job Satisfaction in Egyptian Enterprises
- R Alkadeem
Relating Professionalism, Psychosocial Status and Gender to Job Satisfaction; an Empirical Study in Egyptian Enterprises
- R Alkadeem
A Systematic Pedagogy to Increase Goals to Shots on Goal for Soccer Athletes - Experimental Design Phase II Results
- F Roberts, M Demko, J Lee, D Parson, and R Yearout
Systematic Pedagogy to Solving PERT CPM with EXCEL
- J Lee, ML Manns, S Masingill, D Parsons, B Schaffe, and R Yearout

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S:05 Safety & Warnings

Chair: D Cades

Do People Heed Warnings at Gas Stations?
- F Khan, D Krauss, S Alper, J Droll, S Arndt, S Lakhiani, and D Cades
Product Warning Label Development for Blade Strike Fire Hazard
- DB Brickman and AC Mathias
Motorcoach Seat Belt Use Rates in the United States
- D Cades, D Young, K Glazek, G Nauhaus, and S Alper

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S:06 Process Improvement

Chair: SA Noriega-Morales

Application of Attribute Control Charts for Analyzing Audit Reports for a Quality Certification Laboratory in Textiles
- N Enríquez, C Alonso, and JE Velázquez
Dynamic Raw Materials Scheduling with Stochastic Demand and Space Restrictions
- P Camarena-Aguero, DS Gonzalez-Gonzalez, and M Cantú-Sifuentes
A Scorecard Profile for the Auto Parts Industry in a Mexican Region
- J Sillero-Pérez
Inventory and Cost Reductions with Vendor Managed Inventory and Kanban
- RJ Pascual, SA Noriega-Morales, V Torres-Argüelles, A Valles-Chavez, and G Ibarra-Mejia

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S:07 Applied OR - I

Chair: F Kuebler

Evaluating Ant System Performance for the Traveling Salesman Problem
- Y Shirai and T Mochiida
Optimization of Inventory Pick-up Time in a Server Manufacturing Environment
- S Chivukula, C Saha, BR Schleich, N Nagarur, and B Wassink
Modeling El Paso-Juarez Illicit Drug Networks
- A Peña and E Schott
Multi-Criteria Flow Shop Scheduling Using Hybrid GASA
- AK Dhingra and S Dhingra
Resource Efficiency and Productivity Optimization of Manufacturing Equipment
- F Kuebler, M Hamacher, R Steinhilper, and P Golinska

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S:08 Reliability & Maintenance

Chair: R Ahluwalia

Systematic Routine for Setting Confidence Levels for Mean Time to Failure (MTTF)
- J Lee, D Parsons, and R Yearout
Critical Success Factors for the Strategic Implementation of Total Productive Maintenance: A Literature Review
- A Hernández-Gómez, CE Toledo, JM Larios-Prado, AC Merino, and SA Noriega-Morales
Reliability Analysis for T2 Hotelling Chart Using Piña Decomposition Method
- MR Piña-Monarrez, J Martinez-Lugo, and RD Molina-Arredondo
Reliability Indicators for Substantiation of Multi-stress Test Plans with Weibull Behavior
- ML Ramos-Lopez and MR Piña-Monarrez
Predictive Maintenance of HVAC Systems
- R Ahluwalia and N Lenkala

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S:09 IE Topics - III

Chair: J Lee

Development of G-Code Interface Using Microsoft Visual Basic for AB L63 Control System
- AG Rodriguez, LR Vidal, JM Diaz, and V Torres-Argüelles
Design of Barrel´s Cam Curve Profile Using B-Spline curves
- M López-Rodríguez, P Perez-Villanueva,and JP Nieto-Gonzalez
Design and Problems of Health-medical-welfare Support Information System Utilizing the Information Sent by Inhabitants in Japan
- M Nagai, T Goto, M Yamamoto, and N Fujiwara
Characterization of Knock Sensor Using Accelerated Life Testing
- MI Rodríguez-Borbon, MA Rodríguez-Medina, A Alvarado-Iniesta, and A del Valle Carrasco
Impacts of Leisure Activity Noise Levels, Revised (A Case Study)
- C Drummond, J Lee, D Parsons, S Patch, and R Yearout

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S:10 Ergonomics - II

Chair: G Ibarra-Mejia

Handling of Pump and Reservoir Interface in the Comparison of Design Option on Maximal Pressure and Wrist Angle
- C Sukchotrat, PJ Kamthong, and SN Imrhan
Minimally-Invasive Surgical Instrument Handles: The Comparative Review
- C Sukchotrat, PJ Kamthong, and SN Imrhan
Ergonomic Assessment of Patient Orthodox Lifting Technique Using Digital Human Modeling
- C Ha, W Cao, and MT Khasawneh
Fatigue Dimensions Among AMT Operators in Mexico
- JL Hernandez-Arellano and G Ibarra-Mejía
The Impact of Ohio BWC Funded Ergonomic Interventions on Claims Reduction and Return on Investment
- IS Tarawneh and M Lampl

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S:11 Lean & Six Sigma

Chair: B Villarreal

Critical Success Factors of Six Sigma
- E Martínez, V Mendoza, SA Noriega-Morale, and R Perez
Lean Six Sigma Application for the Reduction of the Setup Times In A SMD Assembler
- A Valles-Chavez, SA Noriega-Morales, VTorres-Argüelles, and RE Gutiérrez
A Benchmarking Approach to Curriculum Development: The Case of a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training Program
- E Alikhani, DL Santos, N Nagarur, MT Khasawneh, SS Lu, C Monachino, and L Altma
Reducing Distribution Waste to Improve On-Time and Complete Deliveries
- B Villarreal, E Muraira, and L Garzafox

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S:12 Manufacturing

Chair: DS Gonzalez-Gonzalez

Type-2 Fuzzy Application in a Gas Metal Arc Welding Process
- RJ Praga-Alejo, D González-González, and K Guajardo-Cosío
Modeling of a Welding Process with Interval Type-2 Fuzzy
- KL Guajardo-Cosío, RJ Praga-Alejo, and DS González-González
Effects that the Electrostatic Fields have in a Coating Process on Irregular Surfaces
- OL Luévano-Cabrales and M Cantú-Sifuentes
Optimization of Machining Parameters for Surface Roughness During 2.5D Milling
- P Chandna and AK Gupta
Modeling a Machining Process Through Generalized Linear Model
- DS Gonzalez-Gonzalez, RJ Praga-Alejo, P Alonso-Reyes, JA Flores-Díaz, R Ojeda-Castañeda, and I Garcia-Calvillo

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S:13 Applied OR - II

Chair: SW Yoon

A Theory of Constraints Approach to Achieve Agility: An Application
- M Siller, B Villarreal, and M Rosselly
Decision Support System for the Ship Repair Industry
- D Pinha and R Ahluwailia
Workstation Optimization by Use of Genetic Algorithms
- A Alvarado-Iniesta, MI Rodriguez-Borbon, R Romero-Lopez, and MR Piña-Monarrez
Design of Optimum Allocation of Police Patrols in Four Police Districts at a Large City in Mexico Based on Stochastic Simulation
- J Holguin De La Cruz
A Neighborhood Search Heuristic for PCB Placement Sequence Optimization
- R Krishnan, D Li, and SW Yoon

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S:14 IE in Healthcare

Chair: Y Han

Discrete Event Simulation Analysis of Patient Flows from Emergency Department and Operating Room to Inpatient Units
- PB Soni, SW Yoon, S Poranki, C-A Chou, and MT Khasawneh
Emerging Trends in Healthcare Analytics: An Overview
- Y Han and MT Khasawneh
Outpatient Scheduling with Overlapping and Double-booking Appointments to Mitigate Productivity Loss from No-shows
- Y Han and C-A Chou

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S:15 IE Topics - IV

Chair: DL Santos

A Comparison of Methodologies for Redesigning Tractor Assembly Line
- C Uribe and E Carrum
Improving On-Time Delivery Through Better Production and Inventory Planning and Control
- MT Verduzco-Garza, B Villarreal, C Olivares, A Sanchez, G Viesca, and B Morales
Fuzzy Weibull Regression for Estimating Reliability of Refractory Cement
- DS Gonzalez-Gonzalez, J Garcia-Arellano, RJ Praga-Alejo, M Cantú-Sifuentes, and R Zuñiga-Salazar
Corrosion Rate Prediction Using Statistics to Improve Maintenance
- B González-Ortíz, L Torres-Treviño, I Escamilla-Salazar, and JA Franco-Quintanilla
Estimating Product Assembly Cost in a Multinational Contract Manufacturing Firm Using an Activity-Based Costing Approach
- S Chivukula, DL Santos, and N Nagarur

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S:16 Quality

Chair: H Hijar-Rivera

Taguchi Application to Improve a Laser Welding Process
- CM Guerrero-Zacarías, V Torres-Argüelles, SA Noriega-Morales, AM Guaderrama, and T Escobebo-Portillo
Noise Variables Transformation of a Mixtures Problem
- E Herrera and J Sanchez-Leal
Definition of Optimal Parameters for Grinding Process Through Taguchi Methodology
- V Torres-Argüelles, SA Noriega-Morales, L Rico-Pérez, G Ibarra-Mejia, and D Alaniz-Lumbreras
Improvement Of A Thermoforming Process by An Experimental Design
- R Romero, M Aguilera, MI Rodríguez-Borbon, and A Alvarado-Iniesta
Small Computer-Generated Designs as an Inexpensive Alternative to Central Composite Designs to Solve Robust Parameters Problems
- H Hijar-Rivera, J Sanchez-Leal, and RM Reyes

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S:17 Statistics in IE - II

Chair: X Cordova

Dimensions Control Compliance
- P Vergara, M Titla, E Juárez, and R Quiroz
Mathematical Modeling and Quantitative Analysis of Entrepreneurship from Evolutionary Genetic Perspective
- J Lee and T Yang
Statistical Analysis for Optimal Wind Turbine Design
- K Escamilla, B Gonzalez-Ortiz, L Torres-Treviño, and JA Franco-Quintanilla
Multiattribute Double Sampling Control Chart
- E Ramírez-Méndez and M Cantú-Sifuentes
ZAMAK 3 Die Cast Optimization in Gravity Mold Through Statistical Techniques and Soft Computing
- A Flores-Saldívar, DS González-González, RJ Praga-Alejo, A Flores-Valdes, and Z Galo-Olivas

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S:18 IE Topics - V

Chair: MR Piña-Monarrez

Life Stress Relationship under Harmonics Voltage for Non Linear Loads
- LC Mendez, MI Rodriguez-Borbon, MR Piña-Monarrez, and RC Ambrosio
3D FEM Machining Titanium Alloy
- I Escamilla-Salazar, O Zapata, B González-Ortiz, and NJ Gamez-Treviño
Stress Prediction Model on Static Components Located in Complex Scenarios
- NJ Gamez-Treviño, I Escamilla-Salazar, O Zapata, and B González-Ortiz
Performance of the EWMA Controller in the Presence ofNoise Factors
- RD Molina-Arredondo, J Ríos, and MR Piña-Monarrez
Statistical Analysis of Service Times in the Puebla and Tlaxcala Branches of an International Fast Food Company Using a X?-S Chart
- P Rodríguez, AM Chino, VA Hernández, and L Cuautle-Gutierrez

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