SISE 2016


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Thursday 10/13/2016 Session 1 Session 2
Mfg and Production Planning Human Factors and Ergonomics
Session 3 Session 4
Other IE Topics - I Ergonomics in IE
Friday 10/14/2016 Session 5 Session 6
Systems Engineering Other IE Topics - II
Session 7
IE on the Shop Floor
Session 8 Session 9
Manufacturing/Production Planning Other IE Topics - III
Session 10 Session 11
Process Improvement SCM and Innovations
Session 12 Session 13
Statistics in IE Other IE Topics - IV

Session 1: Mfg and Production Planning
Chair: TK Baradhan

3D-Camera Inventory Management System
- C Hwang and J Park

Proposals for Improvement of a Company Based on the Application of the Planning and Control of Operations About Inventory and Customer Satisfaction: A Case Study in a Mexican Firm
- JM Hernandez-Ramos, ES Gonzalez-Trejo, G Pedroza-Cantu, RE Mata-Martinez, P Munoz-Vega, RE Forcade, GDJ Flores, and RAI Alanis

Use of the Economic Order Quantity Model in Tool Calibration Scheduling
- JM Parton, N Alhendi, M Alwashmi, and S Keomany

Virtual Factory Framework for Supporting Production Planning and Control
- T Bardhan and D Kibira

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Session 2: Human Factors and Ergonomics
Chair: BP Kattel

An Experimental Evaluation of the User Friendliness of Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook
- D Bani-Hani, A Alhaider, A Alwuhayb, and M Khasawneh

Hand Hygiene Compliance Improvement via Targeted Auditing and Education
- M Bryan and DL Santos

Use of Apps to Improve Efficiency of Ergonomic Evaluations: A Case Study on Office Workstation Assessments
- ZJ Harrison and A Subramanian

Eye Tracking Device as a Tool to Study the Impact of Texting while Driving
- BP Kattel and M Faulkner

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Session 3: Other IE Topics - I
Chair: A Desai

The Effect of Picking Congestion in Manual Order Picking Environments
- M Bataineh and M Khasawneh

The Optimized Elastic Net Regression Model for Electricity Consumption Forecasting
- S Tutun, M Bataineh, M Aladeemy, and M Khasawneh

From Route Sharing to Collaborative Warehousing: The Development and Growth of Collaborative Logistics, 1995-2015
- JM Comstock, Jr. and K Ellis

Impact of Information Visibility of Quality and Physical Flow on the Closed-Loop Supply Chain
- Y Kim, G Hwang, and J Park

Cost Analysis of a Startup Biofuels Operation
- A Desai and V Soloiu

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Session 4: Ergonomics in IE
Chair: G Page

Testing the Effects of Distraction on Performance using Vibrotactile Signals
- BP Kattel and J Winston

A Study of Muscular Strength Profies for Korean Population
- CH Kim and MK Moon

Ergonomics: The Sciences That Improves the Performance and Health of Workers
- J Cuellar and C Solis

Grip Force Needs when Riding Railroad Freight Cars while Stopping
- GB Page, GG Weames, and SD Fleming

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Session 5: Systems Engineering
Chair: DL Santos

Systemic Crashing of Project Network with Time/Cost Trade-Off
- T Bardhan and D Kibira

Auto-Dispenser Failure Diagnosis using Probabilistic Neural Network
- H Lu, H Dauod, P Balasubramanian, and SW Yoon

Modeling of Ladder Heat Sink Design using Artificial Neural Network
- A Bataineh, W Batayneh, and A Al-Smadi

Efficacy of the NEH Heuristic in a Hybrid Flow Shop Environment
- C Edwards and DL Santos

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Session 6: Other IE Topics - II
Chair: M Christian

Engineering Project Management in a Mechanical Engineering Curriculum
- A Desai

A Quantitative Approach to System-Level Risk Assessment using Monte Carlo Simulation
- D Hollers, R Iammartino, and J Fossaceca

Reliability Analysis of DC Motors Under On/Off Voltage
- L Mendez, L Rodriguez, K Gomez, and A Delgado

A Non-Traditional Capstone Design Project Experience for Industrial Engineering Students
- M Méndez-Piñero, M Irizarry, and C Pomales-García

Using the Revised NIOSH Lifting Equation in the Mexican Workplace: Biomechanical, Physiological, and Psychophysical Differences
- M Christian, JE Fernandez, G Ibarra-Mejía, and RJ Marley

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Session 7: IE on the Shop Floor
Chair: RJ Praga-Alejo

Application of Statistical Tools to Improve Performance in an Assembly Line of Medical Products
- LI Rodríguez, M Rodríguez-Medina, M Rodríguez-Morachis, and M Rodríguez-Borbón

Development of a Transport Model to Minimize Shipping Costs of Electrical Products
- A García-León, A Vargas-Moreno, P Gómez-Fuentes, EP Puente-Aguilar, and A Aguilar-Villarreal

Applying Exact Algorithms in a Problem of Manufacturing Network Flow
- J Meza-Calvillo, M Cantu-Sifuentes, RJ Praga-Alejo, D González-González

Application of Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) Considering Uncertainty and Reduced Sample
- M Fuentes, D González-González, M Cantu-Sifuentes, and RJ Praga-Alejo

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Session 8: Mfg and Production Planning - II
Chair: N Schmeidler

Capacity Analysis in the Strategic, Tactical and Operational Levels, of a Cutting Company Knitted: A System Dynamics Approach
- A Ortega and R Baeza

Analysis of Tool Wear in Machining Process of 'Superalloy X'
- S Domínguez Rueda, I Escamilla Salazar, and B González Ortiz

Analysis of Aerodynamic Turbines for Analysis Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) with ANSYS
- S Domínguez Rueda, K Escamilla Salazar, and I Escamilla Salazar

Human Capital Planning and Demand Forecasts
- N Schmeidler

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Session 9: Other IE Topics - III
Chair: D Gonzalez-Gonzalez

Analysis of Dimensional and Geometrical Performance of Makerbot Replicator 2x Experimental 3D Printer
- S Ramos Lozano, J Salazar, and L Pérez

Spanish Adaptation and Validation of Measuring Instrument of Organizational Commitment from Meyer, Allen and Smith (1993)
- O Villa and L Márquez

Systems Generational Evolution
- K Burris and LD Thomas

Fuzzy Reliability Model for Predicting Lifetime of Welded Joints
- D González-González, R Praga-Alejo, V López-Cortez, and J Alonso-Martinez

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Session 10: Process Improvement
Chair: JH de la Cruz

Application of Holistic Process Improvement in Aerospace Industry: A Case Study
- C Wright and A Subramanian

Reverse Engineering and Analysis of a Polisher Fan
- A Hernández, N Gamez, and V Salazar

Critical Success Factors in Medical Quality Systems
- AJ Villa, E Martinez, V Torres, J Hernandez, and S Noriega

Minimizing Police Patrol Response Times using Stochastic Simulation
- J Holguín-De La Cruz and E López

Quality Function Deployment - Benefits and Restrictions of Classical Quality Function Deployment and Proposed Optimizations
- O Mannuss

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Session 11: SCM and Innovations
Chair: M Alquraish

Impact of Warehousing in Supply Chain Selection
- Z Alsalem and K Krishnan

Resilience of Supply Chain Networks with Risk of Damaged Shipments
- M Alquraish and K Krishnan

Examining Supplier Risk Profiles and Supply Networks using Bayesian Network with Uncertainty
- M Alquraish and K Krishnan

Supply Flow Protection to Mitigate Disruption Risks in Supply Chains
- A Parajuli, O Kuzgunkaya, and N Vidyarthi

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Session 12: Statistics in IE
Chair: SW Yoon

Modeling a Coefficient of Friction Applying Radial Basis Function
- G Flores-Mendoza, H León-Delgado, RJ Praga-Alejo, M Alvarez-Vera, and D González-González

Multivariate Fuzzy Inference System to Modeling a Casting Process
- IE Cerda-Durán, RJ Praga-Alejo, and D González-González

Comparison of Models to Predict Lifetime of Joints Welded by GMAW Process
- C Martinez, D González-González, A Miranda, and RJ Praga-Alejo

Statistical Analysis of Stencil Printing Process Characteristics and Parameters
- N Khader and SW Yoon

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Session 13: Other IE Topics - IV
Chair: M Méndez-Piñero

Bayesian Estimation of the Parameters of the Normal Demand for a Recycling Process
- MA Rodríguez-Medina, LI Rodríguez, MA Rodríguez-Morachis, and MI Rodríguez-Borbon

A Multivariate Analysis in Fuzzy Logic for Modeling a Casting Process
- RJ Praga-Alejo, IE Cerda-Durán, and D González-González

A Bivariate Inverse Gaussian-Wiener Degradation Model Applied to Reliability Assessment
- L Rodríguez-Picón, L Mendez-Gonzalez, M Rodríguez-Medina, and A Alvarado-Iniesta

Analysis of Small Businesses in Puerto Rico
- Y Hernández, E Santiago, J Soto, and M Méndez-Piñero

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