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Tuesday 10/20/2015 Session 1 Session 2 Session 3
Quality and Reliability - I Ergonomics in IE IE Application in Education
Session 4 Session 5 Session 6
Engineering Economics Quality and Reliability - II Other IE Topics - I
Session 7 Session 8 Session 9
Simulation - I Operations Research IE Applications
Session 10 Session 11 ISER Editorial Board Meeting
SCM and Innovations Statistics in IE
Wednesday 10/21/2015 Session 12 Session 13
Other Topics in IE - II Quality and Reliability - III
Session 14 Session 15
Simulation - II Other IE Topics - III

Session 1: Quality and Reliability - I
Chair: O Mannu?

Single Pass Drilling Methodology Through Composite/Titanium/Aluminum Stack-up
- J Zittrouer and A Desai

Analysis of the Hybrid Censored Log-Logistic Distribution
- S Hyun, J Lee, and R Yearout

Monitoring the Degradation of a Linear Axis with the Aid of a Dynamic Bayesian Network Model
- M Kempf, U Moser, and A Lorenzoni

Failure Mode and Effect Analysis - Observations of the Past, Present and Upcoming Trends
- O Mannu?, J Mandel, and A Schloske

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Session 2: Ergonomics in IE
Chair: SD Choi

Effect of Track Classification on Whole-Body Vibration at the Locomotive Cab Seat
- G Page, G Weames, and S Fleming

Biomarker Responses to Static Axial Trunk Loading and Unloading
- M Christian and MA Nussbaum

A Review of Obesity and Body Mass Index and Nonfatal Traumatic Occupational Injuries
- ET Brown and SD Choi

Occupational Injuries and Costs Associated with Aging Construction Workers
- SD Choi

Identification of Inflammatory Biomarkers for the Early Detection of Tendonitis During Repetitive Manual Assembly Tasks: A Proposed Study
- G Ibarra-Mejia, JS Moore, JE Fernandez, and RJ Marley

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Session 3: IE Application in Education
Chair: DL Santos

Applying Lean Six Sigma for Performance Improvement in Academic Advising
- M Rezaeiahari, R Alkhawaldeh, X Shan, MT Khasawneh, and K Srihari

Increasing Minority Student and Female Student Retention in STEM Fields through MERIT Program
- S Hinmon, G Chen, T Khan, and C White

Hands on Project experience in a Core Class Focused on Sustainability
- A Desai

Observations from a Multi-Year International Summer Experience Program for Technology Management Graduate Students
- DL Santos, J Ohm, and T Yang

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Session 4: Engineering Economics
Chair: A Desai

Uncertainty in Operational Budgets
- MI Méndez-Piñero, HA Ramos-Pedraza, E Hoffman-Guadalupe, and J Rodríguez-Ortiz

Sustainably Structured Process FMEA for Pharmaceutical Products
- CT Schulz and O Mannu?

Review of Green and Environmental Conscious Manufacturing and Design Techniques
- L Askew and A Desai

Economic Feasibility of Peanut Based Biodiesel Production
- D Hogan, A Desai, and V Soloiu

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Session 5: Quality and Reliability - II
Chair: SA Noriega

Life Stress Relationship for Electronic Devices Under Time Varying Stress
- LC Mendez, I Rodriguez, J Mejia, and N Ramirez

Current Use of Management Systems and Quality Tools in Companies Located in the State of Puebla, Mexico and its Surroundings
- LA Gómez-Jaimes, JA Cruz-Moreno, and L Cuautle-Gutierrez

Applying Quality Tools Within Organizations of Nuevo León: Student Projects
- AM García-León, AY Aguilar-Villarreal, P Gómez-Fuentes, EP Puente-Aguilar, and A Vargas-Moreno

Predictors of Resilience by Factorial Analysis
- L Martinez, V Torres, S Noriega, A Valles, and J Hernández

Applying a Factorial Design to Determine the Factors Influencing the Quality of Leather Garments for Sports Car
- FM Cruz, V Torres-Argüelles, JA Hernández, EM Gómez, and A Valles

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Session 6: Other IE Topics - I
Chair: SW Yoon

Cyber Threat Identification and Mitigation
- TK Bardhan and G Jones

A Methodology for Appropriate Testing When Data is Heterogeneous Using Excel
- R Yearout, J Lee, K Nguyen, S Reiser, D Parsons, and S Russell

Soft Systems Methodology as a Catalyst for Organizational Transformation
- D Duggins

Establishing an Activity Network for Patient Orders in Emergency Medicine
- A Lubman, DL Santos, and N Nagarur

An Inventory and Production Control Problem for a Hybrid Remanufacturing System
- P Koken and SW Yoon

The Preponderance of Workplace Injuries in Healthcare Settings and Implications of the Recently Concluded OSHA National Emphasis Program (CPL 03-00-016)
- M Christian, A Subramanian, BF Ware, and JE Fernandez

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Session 7: Simulation - I
Chair: TK Bardhan

Design and Development of Simulation Models to Optimize Shop Floor
- SA Varkey, S Alsobhi, S Mirzapourrezaei, and K Krishnan

A Proposed Project-Based Research Experience for Freshmen Engineering Students Using Flight Simulators
- MT Khasawneh

Analysis and Simulation of Pressure Vessels Under Complex Dynamic Conditions
- A Hernández, N Gamez, and O Zapata

Analysis of Standards for Simulation-Based Integrated Production Planning
- TK Bardhan, D Kibira, S Choi, and K Jung

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Session 8: Operations Research
Chair: R Yearout

Utilizing Discrete Event Simulation to Improve High Volume Manufacturing Failure Analysis Laboratory
- T Tashtoush, S Wang , and K Srihari

Optimizing Humanitarian Relief Operations with Transloads
- K Guadagno, K Saval, Q Van Drew, S Vasiliadis, P Cho, and J Pietz

All Decision Problems Are Not Created Equal
- PF Evangelista and JB Demarest

Using Cost Benefit Analysis for Capital Equipment Decisions
- J Myrick and R Yearout

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Session 9: IE Applications
Chair: RS Ahluwalia

Organization's Characteristics, Service Climate, and Nurses' Satisfaction in Relation to Patients' Satisfaction Egyptian Hospitals
- R Alkadeem

Application of Holistic Process Improvement in Healthcare: A Case Study
- M Christian, A Subramanian, BF Ware, and JE Fernandez

Comparison of Forecasting Techniques to Predict US Unemployment Rate
- F Radmehr and RS Ahluwalia

Hybrid Bayesian Model to Forecast Oil Production Levels
- F Radmehr and RS Ahluwalia

An Ergonomics and Human Factors Approach to Research and Development of Model Body Worn Cameras and Implementation Processes in Law Enforcement Agencies
- P McCauley, C Altinay, B Bazata, CF Chang, K Hall, M Hiebert, and A Oliveira

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Session 10: SCM and Innovations
Chair: E González-Trejo

Robust Supply Chain Network Design Under Uncertainty
- S Alsobhi and K Krishnan

Design and Development of New Musical Products Using Recycling Waste
- MI Julian Aguilar, MI Guillermo Amaya, MC Jesús Salinas, and MC Miguel Saenz

The Impact of Corporate Supply Chain Responsibility (CSCR) on Quality, Delivery Time, Information Sharing and Order Flexibility: Research Framework and Propositions
- E González-Trejo, G Pedroza-Cantú, J Hernández-Ramos, and R Mata-Martínez

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Session 11: Statistics in IE
Chair: D González-González

Different Radial Basis Functions in a Welding Process
- H De León-Delgado, RJ Praga-Alejo, and DS González-González

Weibull Growth Model for Predicting Pot Life of Refractory Cement
- DS Gonzalez-Gonzalez, RJ Praga-Alejo, E Liñán-Garcia, and FI Rodriguez-Cerda

Cluster K-means versus Genetic Algorithm in a Radial Basis Function
- RJ Praga-Alejo, H De León-Delgado, and DS González-González

Applying Ridge Regression Model for Improving A Machining Process
- E Hernandez-Flores, D González-González, and RJ Praga-Alejo

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Session 12: Other Topics in IE - II
Chair: MT Khasawneh

Lean System Implementation in the Logistics Department of a Textile
- MA Gómez-Gavito, C De La Luz-De Jesús, R Reyes-García, CE Pérez Pucheta, MT Carrillo-Espinosa De Los Monteros, MF Pérez Pucheta, and E Olivares Benítez

Visual Patterns of Drivers under Different Distracting Conditions
- BP Kattel and A Sackey

Design and Strategies, for Implementing of the Quality Management System with the Preliminary Requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 in a Mexican Nursery School
- JE Cruz-Gatica, DF Olea-Flores, IE Ramirez-Palmeros, and L Cuautle-Gutiérrez

Implementing Lean Manufacturing Principles for the Improvement of a Failure Analysis Laboratory in High Volume Manufacturing Environment
- T Tashtoush, S Wang, and K Srihari

Alternative Conceptual Models for Analyzing Global Events: The Case Study of the Cuban Missile Crisis
- MT Khasawneh

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Session 13: Quality and Reliability - III
Chair: M Kempf

An Approach for Improvement the Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) Based on Copulas Theory
- M Fuentes, D González-González, M Cantú, and RJ Praga-Alejo

Use of Methodology DMAIC to Eliminate Gum´s Process Variation
- P Juarez and L Cuautle

Using Survival for Degradation Data Analysis
- M Reyes, M Rodriguez, and V Reyes

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Session 14: Simulation - II
Chair: I Escamilla

Police Patrols Optimum Allocation for an ERS Using Stochastic Simulation Based on a Performance Requirement Approach
- JH de la Cruz

Complex Parts Machining Using CAD/CAM to Generate CNC Code
- B González-Ortíz, D Sosa, and I Escamilla-Salazar

Design and Manufacturing of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
- A Paz-Perez, MC Morales, and TP Berber-Solano

Design and Analysis of Aerodynamic Turbines in CAD Software for Analysis Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
- S Dominguez, K Escamilla, and I Escamilla

Analysis Tool Wear over Time in the Machining of Superalloys in Milling Process
- S Dominguez, I Escamilla, and B González

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Session 15: Other IE Topics - III
Chair: M. Méndez-Piñero

The Novel Implementation of the Hidden Markov Model into Forecasting Brand Loyalty in Automobile Industry
- S Varol and A Marquez

Categorization Process of Products to be Used in Remanufacturing
- LI Rodríguez Aguilar, MA Rodríguez Medina, and MA Morachis

Bayesian Estimation Using Prior Non-Informative Binomial Probabilities
- MA Rodríguez, LI Rodríguez Aguilar, MA Morachis, and MI Rodríguez Borbón

The Benefits of the Improvement of the QMS in the Automotive Industry, Puebla, Mexico
- MP Galicia and LC Gutiérrez

Estimating the Patients Waiting Time Cost to an Outpatient Clinic Using Overflow Probabilities
- S Bonet-Olivencia and M Méndez-Piñero

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