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Thursday 10/11/2018 Session 1 Session 2
 Human Factors, Ergonomics, &  Safety Other IE Topics - I 
Session 3 Session 4
Optimization  Other IE Topics - II
Session 5 Session 6
 AI and Data Mining IE Applications in Military - I
Session 7 Session 8
 Process Improvement  IE Applications in Military - II
Thursday 10/12/2018 Session 9 Session 10
 Other IE Topics - III Other IE Topics - IV 

Session 1: Human Factors, Ergonomics, & Safety
Chair: SD Choi

A Psychophysical Approach for Predicting Maximum Voluntary Contraction in Jordanian Cancer Patients at King Hussein Cancer Foundation Centre
- HA Almomani, A Khazaleh, A Bashir, M Hamasha, M Aljarah, and O Mnaizel

Exploring the Effect of Fatigue on Pilot Performance During Single and Multi-Takeoffs and Landings Flight Missions
- S Naeeri, Z Kang, and S Mandal

Workplace Risk Perception Between Foreign-Born and First-Generation Mexican-American Construction Workers
- G Ibarra-Mejia and KG Gomez-Bull

Measuring Occupational Safety Climate and Safety Performance Using the Nordic Safety Climate Questionnaire
- B Baertschi, SD Choi, and K Ahn

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Session 2: Other IE Topics - I
Chair: NF Schmeidler

A Predictive Framework to Identify Potential Diversion by Health Care Providers
- K Vavonese, X Shan, and MT Khasawneh

Item-Based Collaborative Filtering of Movies Based on Mutual Information
- D Bani-Hani, A Ogale, I Chakrabarty, and K Thibault

The Performance Determinants of Re-Startup and the Credit-Problem
- S Kim and T Yang

The Next Big Thing. What is it?
- NF Schmeidler

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Session 3: Optimization
Chair: ZJ Harrison

Cost Minimization of Balanced Mix for Cattle Feed
- P Gómez-Fuentes, EP Puente-Aguilar, AM García-León, and AY Aguilar-Villarreal

The Selection of the Optimal Load Dispatch for Electric Generation Systems Using Ant Lion Optimization: A Comparison Approach
- A Alzu'Bi

Optimization of Dynamic Wireless Charging in Binghamton University Bus Network: Optimal Locations and Battery Size
- AF Khalaf, KK Jain, A Noutiyal, and Y Wang

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Session 4: Other IE Topics - II
Chair: M Kempf

A Mixed-Integer Programming Approach for Managing Flow of Students in a Medium-Sized College
- E des-Bordes and V Chakrapani

Industry 4.0 Trends, Costs and Movements Optimization Using Simulation Software in an Automotive Industry Company
- DC Bacre-Guzman, JA Chi, MA Martínez, NM Leal, AK Garza, and YV Morales

The Development of a Project of Facility Design to Achieve a Specific Student Outcome for a Program of Industrial Engineering Credited by ABET
- JM Hernández-Ramos, CS Peña, J Cuellar-Celestino, JD Velázquez-Martínez, SG Elizondo-Arroyave, and EP Puente-Aguilar

Maintenance Scheduling for an End-Effector of an Industrial Robot with the Aid of Influence Diagrams
- M Kempf, AL Madsen, N Sondberg-Jeppesen, P Rocher, and I Thompson

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Session 5: AI and Data Mining
Chair: TK Bardhan

Classification of Leucocytes Using Convolutional Neural Network Optimized Through Genetic Algorithm
- D Bani-Hani, N Khan, F Alsultan, S Karanjkar, and NN Nagarur

Predicting Post-Operative Survivability of Lung Cancer Patients: A Data Mining Approach
- AF Khalaf and Y Wang

Analysis of Forecasting of Demand Data Under the Impact of Social Media
- KZ Kaylani and NN Nagarur

Predicting Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) Scores Using Temporal Metric and Probabilistic Neural Network (PNN)
- TK Bardhan and G Jones

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Session 6: IE Applications in Military - I
Chair: P Evangelista

A Case Study: Operationalizing Open-Source Intelligence on the Korean Peninsula
- SC Song

A Systems Framework to Mitigate Small Arms Fire Vulnerability of Directed Energy Weapons Systems
- JM Comstock Jr., BW Box, SO Jones, J Lee, MR Perdomo, and RJ Tucker

A Systems Analysis to Improve Missile Stockpile Reliability with Internet of Things Technology
- JM Comstock Jr., N Ball, J Cassalia, P Kearney, and Z Mancini

Geospatial Point Density
- P Evangelista and D Beskow

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Session 7: Process Improvement
Chair: DL Santos

Evaluating the Preparation of the Escobedo City Clinics to Implement the Principles of Lean Manufacturing to Improve their Customer Service
- JM Hernández-Ramos, CS Peña, EP Puente Aguilar, JD Velázquez Martínez, J Cuellar-Celestino, and SG Elizondo Arroyave

Reduction of Defects in Casting and Finishing Processes Through DMAIC Phases
- EP Puente-Aguilar, Ma De Los A Martínez-Mercado, RE Mata-Martínez, P Gómez-Fuentes, and A Vargas-Moreno

Waste Reduction and Cost Estimation Optimization
- I Pikula and DL Santos

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Session 8: IE Applications in Military - II
Chair: JM Comstock

An Exploratory Application of Systems Dynamics Modeling to Improve Cesarean Section Delivery Policies and Decision Making
- B Thompson and C Woody

A Systems Engineering Approach to Improving Emergency Medical Services Provision
- SF McCarthy

Using an Augmented Reality Human Machine Interface to Improve Depot Maintenance: A Business Case
- D Newell, D Davis, D Lee, M Lysek, and J Snider

Testing and Evaluation Phase for the CH-47F Block II
- H Gibson, T Davis, S Quillen, S Washle, and M Bernardino

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Session 9: Other IE Topics - III
Chair: NN Nagarur

Fuzzy Modeling for Diametric Overcut in ECDM Process
- J Leyva-Bravo, P Chiñas-Sánchez, A Hernández-Rodríguez, P Pérez-Villanueva, G Galo-Hernández, and R Martínez-Alvarado

Modeling and Prediction of Welded Joints' Lifetimes by GMAW Process Using Support Vector Regression
- MA Fuentes-Huerta, DS González-González, and RJ Praga-Alejo

Decision Tree-based Rules Extraction to Predict Breast Cancer Using Clinical Stage as a Dependent Variable
- H Saad and NN Nagarur

Opportunities and Challenges with Automating Food Supply Chain
- KZ Kaylani and NN Nagarur

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Session 10: Other IE Topics - IV
Chair: A Subramanian

Analyzing Staff Experience Feedback Using Text Mining
- R Shabbar, SC Madathil, S Poranki, and M Khasawneh

Predictor Model of the Supply Chain Effectiveness Based on Critical Success Factors
- SA Noriega Morales, S Michel da Gama, JA Hernández, E Martínez Gómez, and VA Torres

Enhanced Methodology for Call Center Agent Scheduling Utilizing Erlang C and ANFIS
- H Kaylani, A Atieh, M Al-Samhouri, L Zaid, H Walid, and M Twall

Predictor Model of the Organizational Culture in a Multi-National Industrial Plant in Ciudad Juárez, México
- AS Delgado, ER Poblano-Ojinaga, R Romero-López, EA Martínez-Gómez, and SA Noriega-Morales

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