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S:01 Special Topics in Industrial Engineering

Chair: M Halpern

A Systematic Pedagogy to Increase Goals to Shots on Goal for Soccer Athletes (Experimental Design and Phase I - Pilot Study)
- F Roberts, M Demko, J Lee, D Parsons, and R Yearout
Case Studies of an ISE Senior Design Project – Water Treatment in a Small Honduran Village
- DL Santos and RJ Barnes
Unit Commitment with CO2 Emissions Limits: A Multi-objective Approach
- G Nina
Factors for Success and Failure of Quality Management Processes: A Case Study Review
- BF Ware
Assessing Transdisciplinary Research Collaborations: Quality, Barriers, and Competencies
- E Elek, M Halpern, and H Kane

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S:02 Operations Research - I

Chair: K Krishnan

Optimization Models in Managerial and Allocation Problems in a Service Company
- S Cisneros and XM Cordova-Vallejo
Selection of an Ideal Enterprise Integration Strategy using Delphi-ANP Decision Making Approach
- TK Bardhan and JN Ngeru
Energy-Efficient Location-Routing Problem: Generic Formulation, Hard and Soft Time Windows, and Time-Dependent Demand
- S Mirzaei and K Krishnan
Generic Formulation of Location-Routing Problem with Dynamic Demand
- S Mirzaei and K Krishnan

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S:03 Ergonomics & Human Factors - I

Chair: RJ Marley

A Systematic Methodology to Ensure OSHA Noise Level Compliance When Production Processes are Changed (A Health & Safety Case Study)
- M Lane, K Barrow, C McKenzie, D Parsons, and R Yearout
Determination of the Best Shooting Position for a Soldier
- BP Kattel and JA Brown
Differences in Hand Grip and Key Pinch Strength Between Sitting and Standing Positions in a Sample of Healthy Mexican Young Adults
- G Ibarra-Mejia, JE Fernandez, RJ Marley, BF Ware, AG Vazquez-Salinas, and I Navarro-Hernández
Psychophysics in Occupational Ergonomics
- RJ Marley and JE Fernandez

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S:04 Industrial Engineering - I

Chair: S Rommel

Analysis of Tablet Device Usage for Mobile Internet Using Latent Class Regression Methodology
- S Kim and T Yang
Successful Change Management
- J Myrick and R Yearout
RFID Implementation in an Automobile Supply Chain for Improved Visibility
- HD Purandare and N Nagarur
Multivariate Analysis of Breast Cancer Prediction Parameters
- B Schleich, H Sudarsanam, and C Saha
Design for Additive Manufactured Grippers
- S Rommel and T Bauernhansl

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S:05 Quality & Reliability

Chair: M Hagiwara

A Note on the Three Parameters Weibull Estimation
- MR Piña-Monarrez, F Ortiz-Yañez, and JM Díaz-Mendoza
Bias in Relative Accuracy Metrics
- R Cantor, P Cross, E Lau, and J Schmier
Analysis of Multivariable Reliability for Designing Just-In-Sequence Systems
- J de la Riva-Canizales, MG Cedillo-Campos, and DS Gonzalez-Gonzalez
A Case Study on the Improper Use of the Weibull Distribution in Electronics Reliability Studies
- BN Berger and DL Santos
Hierarchical Fault Classification Method as a Tool for Analyzing Complex Failures: Application to the Nuclear Power Plant Accidents
- M Hagiwara

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S:06 Ergonomics & Human Factors - II

Chair: SD Choi

Anthropometric Study of Ecuadorian Higher Education Community
- G García and XM Cordova
Digital Human Modeling Evaluation for Lifting Obese Patients
- D DeGennaro, OT Al Meanazel, M Khasawneh, and K Srihari
Health and Safety Issues among Older Construction Workers: A Pilot Study
- DR Rosenthal and SD Choi
Assessing Musculoskeletal Concerns Associated with Outpatient Surgeries
- SD Choi, GJ Verikas, and JE Hermanson

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S:07 Operations Research - II

Chair: B Villarreal

A Creative Approach to Order Allocation and Sequencing Problems Using Genetic Algorithms and Simulated Annealing
- E Yuzgec, S Norouzzadeh, and N Nagarur
Meta-Heuristic Methods to Multi-Vehicle Truck Loading Problems, and an Application in Industry
- E Yuzgec, Y Han, and N Nagarur
Emergency Room Staff Scheduling Using A Two-Stage Non-linear and 0-1 Integer Programming Model
- J Brelsford and G Rabadi
Increasing Routing Efficiency to Decrease Transportation Costs
- S Macías-Sauza, E Garza-Varela, and B Villarreal

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S:08 Lean & Six Sigma

Chair: D Whitley

A Standardized Work Methodology to Increase Manufacturing Productivity
- T Verduzco-Garza, B Villarreal, A Cabrera, L Ceballos, E Muraira, D Rodriquez, and L Tamez
Methodology for Implementing a Model Change Under Continuous Improvement
- H Carrillo, B Vargas, M Gurruchaga, and O Castelan
Methodology to Redesign Material Supply Systems Through Lean Enterprise Tools
- H Carrillo, V Avilés, L Flores, and V Figueroa
Lean Tools and their Applications in an HPI Endeavor
- AR Kumar, A Subramanian, BF Ware, and JE Fernandez
A Sustainable and Systematic Method of Engineering Strategies to Support Order Manufacturing (Kanban): An Economic Engineering System (Case Study)
- D Whitley, R Allemang, C McKenzie, D Parsons, and R Yearout

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Panel Discussion: Using Data to Manage Risk: The Role of Risk Management

Moderator: R Wyatt

Session Introduction and Introduction of Panel Speakers
- R Wyatt
Risk Management Overview: Insurance and the Broker Role in Risk Management
- O Tolbert
The Role of the Risk Manager in a Public Entity
- L Gray  
The Corporate Safety Function: Leadership, Strategy, and Functionality at Simmons Bedding Company
- J Dawe

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S:09 Manufacturing

Chair: JM Diaz-Mendoza

Comparative Study of Genetic Algorithm based Approaches for Balancing Assembly Line
- S Srinivas and S Rajendran
Small Size Company of Machining Processes
- R Romero, L Hernández, and S Noriega
Survival Analysis for Refractory Cement in Thermocouples Manufacturing
- JA Garcia-Arellano, DS Gonzalez Gonzalez, M Cantú Sifuentes, and RJ Praga-Alejo
A Non-Linear Model for Estimating Reliability in a Degradation Test
- DS González-González, RJ Praga-Alejo, M Cantú-Sifuentes, BD Flores-Hermosillo, and L Reyes-Robledo
Product Redesign Considering Stress Mean Values
- JM Díaz-Mendoza, M Piña-Monarrez, and L Vidal

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S:10 Simulation & Modeling

Chair: M Kempf

Modeling a Machining Process by Piecewise Regression Method
- DS Gonzalez-Gonzalez, M Cantú-Sifuentes, R Praga-Alejo, P Pérez-Villanueva, and M Mendoza-Zamora
Analysis of Campus Traffic Congestion During Move-in Days Using Discrete Event Simulation Model
- S Srinivas, C Saha, SW Yoon, MT Khasawneh, and K Srihari
Degradation Model Using the Arrhenius Life-Stress Relationship Applied to Smoke Sensor Detectors
- MI Rodriguez, MA Rodriguez, and A Alvarado
Determining Required Allocation of Police Patrols by Stochastic Simulation in Three Districts At A Large City in Mexico
- JH De La Cruz
A Bayesian Logistic Regression Model for Binomial Failure Data
- M Kempf

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S:11 Ergonomics & Human Factors - III

Chair: I Tarawaneh

Integrating Safety and Ergonomics into a Multi-Facility Lean Process
- R Wyatt and JJ Dawe
Injury and Claim Trends in the Ohio Workers’ Compensation System
- I Tarawneh, M Lampl, D Robins, and D Bentley
The Effectiveness of the Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) in Reducing the Frequency and Cost of Workers’ Compensation Claims
- I Tarawneh, D Bentley, M Lampl, and D Robins

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S:12 Industrial Engineering - II

Chair: CL Joo

An Artificial Intelligence Approach to Adjust Health Insurance Premiums
- S Norouzzadeh, E Yuzgec, SW Yoon, MT Khasawneh, and K Srihari
Early Risk Assessment Model of Breast Cancer Using Neural Networks
- Y Han, E Yuzgec, and MT Khasawneh
Modeling a Fuzzy Logic System Using Central Composite Design
- RJ Praga-Alejo, DS González-González, P Pérez-Villanueva, M Cantú-Sifuentes, and BD Flores-Hermosillo
Optimization of Machining Process Through Response Surface and Canonical Analysis
- RJ Praga-Alejo, DS González-González, P Pérez-Villanueva, B Flores-Muro, and HH Escobar-Saucedo
The Relationship Between Entrepreneurial Orientation and the Firm’s Growth Potential as Size of Firm
- CL Joo and T Yang

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S:13 Industrial Engineering - III

Chair: H Hijar-Rivera

A Discrete Optimization Model to Minimize Organ Recovery Time Using Heuristic Algorithms
- C Saha and SW Yoon
Adjustment of Parameters in the Finite Element Method for a Euler - Bernoulli Beam
- OL Luévano Cabrales and M Cantú-Sifuentes
Inventory Sharing Protocol to Minimize Blood Platelet Wastage in Hospital Network
- S Rajendran, B Schleich, and SW Yoon
The Propagation Effects Of Disruptions Produced By Natural Disasters On Global Supply Chains Performance: A System Dynamics Approach
- A Bueno and MG Cedillo
A Risk-Based Maintenance Strategy Using Fuzzy HFMEA for Prioritization of Critical Medical Equipment
- A Jamshidi, SA Rahimi, D Ait-kadi, and AR Bartolome
Applying Modified Central Composite Designs to Solve Robust Parameter Problems
- H Hijar-Rivera, J Sanchez-Leal, and M Rodriguez-Morachis

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S:14 Ergonomics & Human Factors - IV

Chair: XM Cordova-Vallejo

Drivers' Operational Use of the Travel Lane with Rumble Strips
- DE Karkle and MJ Rys
Investigating Human Error: Human Factors Interviews in Incident and Accident Investigation
- LJ Thomas and JM Demagalski
Biomechanical Analysis of a Manual Materials Handling Task in a Local Manufacturing Company
- K Gómez-Bull, G Ibarra -Mejía, and JL Hernández-Arellano
Modeling for Anthropometric Data of Combined Populations
- XM Cordova-Vallejo, JE Fernandez, and GR Mendieta

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