SISE 2014



S:01 Human Factors & Ergonomics - I

Chair: DB Brickman

Dynamic On-Road Method for Evaluation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
- C Crump, D Cades, R Rauschenberger, EA Hildebrand, and DE Young
The Impact of Ohio BWC Funded Ergonomics Interventions on Claims Reduction and Return on Investment
- I Tarawaneh and M Lampl
Human Factors Case Study of Child Product Safety Test Approach through Long Term Observations of Live Infant Interaction
- AC Mathias and DB Brickman
Residential Elevator Child Entrapment Prevention Human Factors Testing
- DB Brickman and AC Mathias

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S:02 Simulation

Chair: SW Yoon

Simulation Modeling for Smart Manufacturing System
- TK Bardhan and D Kibira
Mechanical Stress Analysis and Simulation Using Numerical Methods in a Deep Fry Basket
- A Hernández, N Gamez, and I Escamilla-Salazar
Allocating Optimum Number of Police Patrols in a Public Safety Emergency Response System Based on Stochastic Simulation
- JH de La Cruz
Evaluation and Optimization of Automatic Drug Dispensing / Filling System
- H Wang and SW Yoon
Simulating the Impacts of Sending Officers to Functional Schools before BOLC-B
- D Blum and E Schott

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S:03 Special Topics in IE - I

Chair: R Yearout

Systematic Pedagogy to Line Balancing with Excel
- TJ Lovejoy-Henkel, J Lee, D Parsons, and R Yearout
Systematic Pedagogy for Net Present Value (NPV) with Profitability Index (PI) Using Excel
- TJ Lovejoy-Henkel, J Lee, D Parsons, and R Yearout
Systematic Pedagogy for More than Two Variable Linear Programming Solutions Using Excel
- N Al-Fouzan, J Lee, TJ Lovejoy-Henkel, D Parsons, and R Yearout
Systematic Pedagogy to Queuing Theory with Excel
- R Yearout, N Al-Fouzan, C Dodson, J Lee, TJ Lovejoy-Henkel, and D Parsons

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S:04 Quality Control in IE - I

Chair: O Mannuss

Evaluation of Team Quality
- S Bhagavatulla, RR Bishu, P Thampi, and KG Satheesh Kumar
Analysis and Modeling of Roundness Error in the Design Process of a Measuring Machine
- JM Díaz-Mendoza, J Molina, L Rico, and L Vidal
A Criterion to Optimize the Mean and the Variance at the Same Time in a Robust Parameters Problem
- H Hijar-Rivera, S Ramos, J Sanchez-Leal, and RM Reyes
Failure Analysis of Safety-Critical Systems with Advanced FMEA-Methodology
- O Mannuss and A Schloske

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S:05 Special Topics in IE - II

Chair: DL Santos

Evaluation and Comparison of Performance of the Shifting Bottleneck and Local Search Methods in Solving Job Shop Problems
- J Sánchez, C Marmolejo-Barraza, RM Reyes-Martínez, and H Hijar-Rivera
Dimensional Analysis under Intuitionistic Fuzzy Environment for Supplier Selection
- LA Pérez-Domínguez, A Alvarado-Iniesta, and JL García-Alcaraz
Issues and Challenges for Global Outsourcing Efforts by Manufacturing Firms
- S Chivukula and DL Santos
Assembly Line Balancing for Multi-Model, Small Lot Systems
- S Chivukula and N Nagarur

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S:06 Operations Research - I

Chair: P Evangelista

Review of Multiple Approaches in Risk Analysis for a Facility Layout Plan
- AK Alazman, AT Almaktoom, and KK Krishnan
Application of Support Vector Regression to Predict Unemployment Rate
- A Ansari and R Ahluwalia
The Set Covering Problem Applied to Military Air Medical Evacuation
- A Bates, Z Bell, A Mountford, and P Evangelista
The Effect of Rotating Band Obturators on Artillery Round Deceleration in the Soft Catch Gun
- M Philie and P Evangelista
SCARE-S2 and the Utility of Geospatial Abduction in Military Operations
- N Eldridge and J Richards
Optimizing BOLC Scheduling for Commissioning Second Lieutenants in the United States Army
- A Kunkle and E Schott

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S:07 Lean Implementation

Chair: B Villarreal

Value Genetic Algorithm: A Lean Manufacturing Approach That Optimizes Activities That Add and Non-Add Value for Job Scheduling
- R Baeza
Use of Lean Manufacturing Tools by Mexican Firms
- E González-Trejo, G Pedroza-Cantú, J Hernández-Ramos, and R Mata-Martínez
Lean Manufacturing Project in a Tool Room for Competitiveness Improvement
- A Valles-Chavez, SA Noriega-Morales, KC Fuyivara, and VA Torres
Decreasing Transportation Costs by Eliminating Waste
- B Villarreal, CA Aguilar, VM García, and A Bassol
Lean Tools to Improve Staff Efficiency in the Healthcare Industry - A Case Study
- A Subramanian, BF Ware, JE Fernandez, ZJ Harrison, and CD Wright

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S:08 Special Topics in IE - III

Chair: TK Bardhan

A Collaborative Online International Senior Design Project in Industrial and Systems Engineering: The Case Study of KAIST University and Binghamton University
- DL Santos
Administrative Standardization through Group Technology
- I Sánchez and E Carrum
Sustainability of Residue Gas Compression System
- TK Bardhan and AA Khan

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S:09 Operations Research - II

Chair: R Moras

A Comparative Study of Metaheuristics in VRPSD
- PHI Sánchez, RJP Alejo, DG González, and EL García
Analysis of Lifetime of TRIP Steel Welded Joints, Using GMAW
- A de la Peña, D Gonzalez, V López, R Praga, and R Zúñiga
Comparison of an Unreplicated Factorial Design versus a Full Fractional Design for a Mixture Robust Process
- E Herrera, J Sanchez, and H Hijar-Rivera
Special Cases of Dominance in Flowshop Scheduling
- R Moras, J Casteñaeda, G Easwaran, and PX Uhlig

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S:10 Human Factors & Ergonomics - II

Chair: X Cordova

Meta-Analysis of Human Factors for Successful Project Deployment
- SA Noriega-Morales, A Valles-Chavez, VA Torres, and MR Caballero
The Learning Curves of Workers with Different Visual Abilities: Sewing Industry Case Study
- M Irizarry, C Pomales, MI Méndez-Piñero, EO Hernández, L Antongiorgi, and JI Martínez
Do You Suffer From Discomfort Due to Your Job? How Can an Anthropometric Table Help Improve Workstation Design?
- O Cortés, A Mejía, and X Córdova
Using the Improved Performance Research Integration Tool (IMPRINT) Pro Software to Study the Impact of Cognitive Workload on Performance
- BP Kattel and AD Berry
Evaluating Gestures to Be Used for Controlling an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
- BP Kattel and GL Thompson
Housekeeping Cart Push-Pull Forces: A Case Study
- BF Ware, JE Fernandez, A Subramanian, A Noriega, and S Lopez

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S:11 Supply Chain Management

Chair: KK Krishnan

Effect of Knowledge Management on Supply Chain Value
- S Golrizgashti
An Analysis of Critical Success Factors for the Logistics Industry in the Philippines
- MLA Dioquino, H Wee, and C Yang
Product Damaged Recovery Model for Supply Chain System to Maximize Profit
- S Alsobhi, K Krishnan, and D Gupta
Mathematical Model for Cost and Damage Reduction in Supply Chain Network
- S Alsobhi, K Krishnan, and D Gupta
Measuring the Resilience of Multi-Level Supply Chain Systems
- AT Almaktoom, S Alsobhi, KK Krishnan, and P Wang

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S:12 Artificial Intelligence in IE

Chair: HM Lee

Multiobjective Optimization of Torch Brazing Process by a Hybrid of Artificial Neural Networks and Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm
- A Alvarado-Iniesta, JL García-Alcaraz, and MI Rodríguez-Borbón
Frequent Pattern Mining in a Pharmacy Database through the Use of Hadoop
- N Khader and SW Yoon
Decision-Aiding Tool for Human Recruitment Based on Cleaver Test and Fuzzy Expert System
- LM Torres-Treviño and F Torres
An On-Demand System Based on Model Driven Architecture
- HM Lee, V Shah, and J Shah

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S:13 Reliability - I

Chair: M Kempf

A Multivariate Degradation Model Based on a Trivariate Gamma Process
- LA Rodríguez Picón and MI Rodríguez Borbón
Accelerated Life Testing of a Knock Sensor Using Arrhenius-Weibull Life Strength Relationship
- MI Rodriguez-Borbon, MAR Medina, A Alvarado-Iniesta, and DV Rosales
A Comparison of Accelerated Life Test Plans for a Sensor Level Sealing
- RD Molina-Arredondo, ZY Castillo-Moran, and E Villa-Diharce
Degradation Model Constructed with the Aid of Dynamic Bayesian Networks
- A Lorenzoni and M Kempf

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S:14 Special Topics in IE - IV

Chair: J Sanchez

An Agent-Based Model for Supplier Selection in Digital Manufacturing Market
- M Dabbaghianamiri, F Ameri, and J Jimenez
Dynamic Analysis of Dry Relaxation Shrinkage for Bordeaux Fiber
- B Roberto and G Lilian
Software Usability: Design and Validation of a Questionnaire
- R Reyes, P Zapata, J Sanchez, J de la Riva, and R de la O
Remanufacturing Model Applying Bayesian Methodology
- LI Rodríguez Aguilar, MA Rodríguez Medina, MI Rodríguez Borbón, and SA Noriega-Morales

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S:15 Engineering Economics

Chair: B Márquez-Miramontes

Predicting Cost-Overruns by Employing Evaluation of the Solution Spaces Generated from Crucial System Requirements
- B Logan, J Dever, S Stuban, and B Tanju
Improvement of a Hospital Revenue Cycle: A Case Study
- MI Méndez-Piñero and CA Albelo-Sánchez
Relational Capital as a Performance Key Factor in High-Technology Companies: The Machine-Tool Industry in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
- B Márquez-Miramontes, A Hernández-Gómez, and SA Noriega-Morales

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S:16 Quality Control in IE - II

Chair: MI Rodriguez

Analysis and Diagnosis Using the Tools of Statistical Process Control on Force Measuring Springs of Monoblock Head Intake Valves
- CE Pérez-Pucheta, JM Pérez-Santos, JR González-Sorcia, L Cuautle-Gutiérrez, MF Pérez-Pucheta, and ME Gurruchaga-Rodríguez
Spatial Distribution of Thickness Measure of Electrostatic Powder Coating on Irregular Surfaces
- OL Luévano-Cabrales, MC Sifuentes, and MC Osorio-Abraham
Quality of Electronic Devices When Power Issues are Present
- LC Mendez, RC Ambrosio, I Rodriguez, and MR Piña-Monarrez

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S:17 Reliability - II

Chair: E Currum

Measurement and Optimization of Reliability in Complex Supply Chain Systems
- AT Almaktoom and KK Krishnan
Application of Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) Considering Dependent Failures
- M Fuentes, D González, M Cantú, and R Praga
Deficiencies with Weibull Demonstration Test Planning
- MN Prado-Barrera and MR Piña-Monarrez
Estimating Reliability Using Bayesian Analysis of Degradation Data
- M Reyes, M Rodríguez, and V Reyes

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S:18 Special Topics in IE - V

Chair: I Escamilla-Salazar

Machining Process Optimization of Connecting Rod Using the Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)
- NB Colorado-Alonso and I Escamilla-Salazar
Geometric Deformation Analysis in Machining Processes of an Inconel 600 Super Alloy
- I Gallardo and I Escamilla-Salazar
Toward an Optimal Design of Propeller Using Neural Networks and Evolutionary Computation
- K Escamilla, LM Torres-Treviño, B Gonzalez, and I Escamilla-Salazar
Machining Parameters Modeling for Inconel 718 Milling Process
- S Dominguez-Rueda, I Escamilla-Salazar, B Gonzalez-Ortiz, and D Garza-Castaño

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S:19 Special Topics in IE - VI

Chair: A Valles-Chavez

A Hybrid NSGA II for Re-Localization of Machinery: A Case Study on Heavy Weighted Pipe Inspection
- E Carrum, JP Nieto, PP Villanueva, and M Quiñones
Analysis of the Level of Business Sustainability in Nuevo León State
- AM García-León, EP Puente-Aguilar, P Gómez-Fuentes, A Vargas-Moreno, and AY Aguilar-Villarreal
DFMA Applied for Improvement of Fitness Apparatus Used in Outdoor Gyms
- A Noriega, L Guillén, LM Vidal, VA Torres, and SA Noriega-Morales
A Note on the Weibull and Lognormal Distributions Discrimination
- JF Ortiz-Yañez and MR Piña-Monarrez

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