Submit An Abstract for 2017 SISE Conference

Interested autors are encouraged to submit an abstract using the following guidelines:

  1. All abstracts should be submitted as MS-WORD documents and the document size should not exceed 3 MB
  2. The abstract should not exceed 300 words.
  3. Please leave one blank space (10 pt.) between each of the following: title, author’s names, address, and abstract.
  4. Paper margins are left - 0.75 inches, right - 0.75 inches, top - 1.25 inches, bottom - 0.75 inches, respectively.
  5. The paper begins with a title in bold, which uses 14pt Times New Roman. This is followed by the details for each author in 12pt Times New Roman. Section titles are bolded in 11pt Times New Roman and the body of the paper should be typed in 10pt Times New Roman.
  6. The file name is lastname<<number>>.docx (OR lastnamenumber.doc). For example, if you are submitting more than one paper your number is lastname1 and lastname2 and the file names should be lastname1.docx and lastname2.docx (OR lastname1.doc and lastname2.doc).
  7. The advisory committee encourages all authors to have their abstracts reviewed by an editor for grammar and syntax prior to submission.

Please email your abstracts on or before August 15, 2017

Use the attached abstract template to send your abstract.

Presentation Details

All presentations should be developed using MS PowerPoint (limited to 20 minutes max). The storage media for the presentations could be CD-ROMs or compact flash cards/jump drives/memory sticks, and should be given to respective session chairs at least 30 minutes before the commencement of the session.
Note: Projectors and laptops will be available in the session room.